About Us

"La Bella is a neighborhood salon you don't

have to get dressed up for,

we will pamper you"

- Ashley Fargardo, co owner

No Frame

Ashley Fargardo and Lissa Lyerly, both licensed cosmetologists, launched La Bella Salon in Williamsburg, Va in September 2010. The duo opened the full service salon after joining forces and framing a business plan in 2008. Both work as independent contractors at La Bella and are doing so to grow their individual businesses.

Ashley and Lissa are fully committed to offering friendly and professional service to their clientele. Their expertise provides for exceptional customer service in a comfortable environment. Ashley and Lissa work well as a team, which is a factor that drove them to open a business together. Both are dedicated to ongoing learning in their professional field, through seminars and workshops. Lissa provides on-the-job training for Sabrina Lewandowski who works under her wing as a cosmetology apprentice. This is in the hopes that Sabrina will pass her state board exam and join the La Bella Salon team. Ashley specializes in color and nail care while styling is Lissa's specialty.

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